Traditional but New, A Fashionable Usage of “Furoshiki”

Have you ever seen or heard about a Japanese cloth called “Furoshiki”? It is a traditional Japanese cloth for wrapping up various items for bringing with you. Although we seldom see people who are using it in our dairy life, but l found out it is very convenient for various usages.

A unique way of using a traditional cloth!

To tell the truth, I was not originally interested in Furoshiki. I was looking for some good idea that i can protect my lovely leather bag from rain, especially in rainy season. I am using the bag for business and it is costly for me and I don’t want to make any stains on it. Besides, I am expecting to keep using it for a long time.

One day, I just watched some TV program and they showed how to use a traditional Furoshiki in modern way, and one usage clicked on me! That was what l am really want to know, how to protect my bag from hard rain!

Usually, Furoshiki is made from cotton, but the special Furoshiki on the TV program is polyester and strong waterproof (The product name is “Aqua Drop”). Once you wrap up your bag by the cloth, your bag hardly wet with rain. Moreover, a design of the cloth seems very modern, so that it looks completely different one. It is not surprising that l immediately ordered it at the online shop after the TV show.

This is one of the best Japanese souvenirs

Other than a bag wrapping, I found out there are a wide range of wrapping usages. For example, we can wrap up belongings for travel, gift box, books, even wine bottles by just one sheet of cloth. I really like an item that can be applied for different ways, so the magical cloth is completely my taste. Since then, I have been curious to learn different ways of wrapping by Furoshiki.

Of course, I think it suitable for souvenirs of your Japan trip, because it is very light and you can make it smaller by folding like the way of Origami, and it doesn’t occupy large space of your suitcase. Although you are not good at folding the cloth, it will be a kind of oriental tapestry by just hanging on the wall of your room. When you are wondering what you gonna buy for Japanese souvenir, why don’t you get it?

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